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4 Reasons Why Flax is the Perfect Egg Replacement

Using Milled flax to reduce or eliminate eggs

More and more consumers are looking for vegan or plant-based options in the grocery store. At the same time, due to animal welfare concerns, the public has turned away from traditional caged-eggs to options such as cage-free and free-range. In addition, outbreaks of avian influenza mean that availability and pricing are subject to fluctuation. To take advantage of changing consumer preferences and rising costs, manufacturers are looking to reduce or eliminate eggs in their products.

Milled flaxseed, mixed with water to form a paste, can serve as an excellent egg replacement in many baked goods including muffins, bread, cookies, and brownies. It can be used as a 100% replacement for eggs in vegan or allergy-friendly recipes, or it can be used as a partial egg replacement to reduce ingredient costs. Compared to other egg replacements used today, flaxseed has several great advantages.

1. High in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and protein.

Flaxseed contains the most ALA omega-3 of any other food source and is also a significant source of fiber and protein. This means that the nutritional profile of your product will not be hurt by removing egg.

2. Cleaner label

Using milled flax as an egg replacement will allow you to keep your label “cleaner” to consumers when compared to other egg substitutes such as oil and starches. Furthermore, incorporating flaxseed into your product can allow you to make omega-3 content claims.

3. Shelf stable

Egg replacements such as banana, applesauce, tofu, yogurt, and buttermilk can make the manufacturing and storage process more complicated due to quick spoilage and the need for refrigeration. Pizzey Ingredients’ milled flaxseed is shelf-stable for up to two years and doesn’t require any refrigeration.

4. Low Cost

Other egg replacements on the market include arrowroot starch, agar agar, chia seed, aquafaba, and more. These products are still somewhat exotic and may need to be imported meaning they are much more expensive. Milled flaxseed can offer a healthy and cheaper alternative.

If you would like to learn more about using Pizzey Ingredients’ flaxseed as an egg replacement in your product, please reach out to a Flax Expert. We are happy to provide guidance and samples for product development.

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