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Meet the products that make us the frontrunners in the world of flax.

Get the Pizzey advantage

PurFlax™ is the result of nearly 30 years of flaxseed research and expertise, obtained both in our on-site lab and in collaboration with leading researchers.

Developed exclusively by Pizzey Ingredients, PurFlax™ is an industry standard heat treatment process that redefined the flax market. This technology delivers a clean flaxseed product, all while preserving flaxseed’s essential Omega-3 fatty acids and plenty of valuable, functional fiber.

PurFlax™ products are formulated in four different offerings—BevPur™, BlendPur™, RediPur™, and BakePur™—to meet all your flaxseed needs.

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Supercharge your drinks and meal replacement products

BevPur™ is the most cost-effective Omega 3 source –in fact, pound for pound, BevPur™ costs less than half as much as ground chia!

BevPur™ flax contains the most ALA Omega-3 of any whole food source and is backed by decades of research demonstrating its health benefits. It also contains protein, soluble and insoluble fiber, and lignans.

Very finely milled, BevPur™ flax is easy to incorporate into beverages, ready-to-mix protein shakes, supplements or any application where a fine particle size is required. Our PurFlax™ heat treatment system also gives BevPur™ a very neutral, slightly nutty, fresh taste.

Due to its natural hydrocolloid-type properties, BevPur™ can also replace guar gum in some applications making for a healthier, lower cost ingredient option. Additionally, BevPur™ can be used to replace eggs in baked goods, making it an excellent option for vegan or allergen-free baking.

“We’ve been happy to be using Pizzey BevPur™ flax in our protein powders for a decade. It works well in a variety of our plant based protein powder formulas and service has always been exceptional.”

– Joseph M., National Supplement Manufacturer


Smoothies and protein drinks • Ready-to-drink beverages

Dry powder beverages • Gluten-free food bars

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Change ingredients for the better

Due to its excellent water absorption, BlendPur™ translates to 3 extra loaves for every 100 loaves of bread produced!

Instead of just replacing or substituting ingredients, upgrade to BlendPur™. This product offers a number of compelling benefits—like improved nutrition, lowered costs, increased fiber and protein, and a healthy dose of ALA Omega-3 and lignans. In addition, BlendPur™ undergoes our PurFlax™ heat treatment process to ensure its product safety.

BlendPur™ is a perfect guar gum replacement for a wide range of products—including stretchier, softer tortillas and gluten-free baked goods. It’s also significantly less expensive than guar gum and provides a much cleaner label.

BlendPur™ Flaxseed in Tortillas, Bread and Muffins


Replace guar gum in tortillas

Replace gums or other non-nutritive flours in gluten-free baked goods

Replace shortening or oil in baked goods

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Nutty flavor
+ good nutrition

Omega-3 helps maintain heart health and provides increased strength and stamina during workouts.

RediPur™ is a ready-to-eat, coarsely ground flaxseed product. It has all of the nutritional benefits of flaxseed and undergoes our signature PurFlax™ heat treatment, which gives it a roasted, nutty flavor.

This versatile ingredient is also an excellent source of Omega-3, fiber, protein and lignans. Whether you’re making unbaked nutrition bars, oatmeal, or selling retail flaxseed packages, RediPur™ offers unmatched nutritional benefits and peace of mind.


Unbaked nutrition bars • Oatmeal • Retail packs

Any ready-to-eat application for coarse-milled flaxseed

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Change your baked good labels

BakePur™ adds valuable Omega-3 to your product that you can claim on the label!

Add BakePur™ Flax to your baked goods for enhanced functionality and nutrition. BakePur™ undergoes our proprietary PurFlax™ targeted heat treatment, giving you a consistent product and peace of mind.

No matter what type of baked good you’re creating, BakePur™ is packed with nutrition and can be easily incorporated into your formulation, including in gluten-free products.


Baked goods • Gluten-free baked goods

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