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Pizzey Ingredients' Food Quality and Safety Expertise

we are constantly learning more about flaxseed.

Being “flax experts” is very important to us, and after 30 years of studying milled flaxseed nutrient content, oil stability, shelf-life, and food safety and quality, we are confident we meet the requirements. We feel that our proprietary process as well as our onsite lab help us stand out in terms of quality and safety.

How our process works:
  1. We start with the best raw material—no unhealthy, immature, or damaged seeds.
  2. Our cleaning system removes wheat and mustard—allergens of potential concern in flaxseed growing regions.
  3. PurFlax™ milled flaxseed products go through a heat treatment process to reduce microbial load, resulting in a ready-to-eat product.
  4. After heat treatment, our milled flaxseed is milled using specialty mills designed to limit damage to the seed’s cell wall as much as possible. This gives us a milled flaxseed product that is not cakey or oily and is shelf-stable for two years at room temperature.
What we test for in our onsite lab:
  • Lipid stability
  • Food safety and quality
  • Allergens
  • Third party testing

We use 3rd party ISO 17025-accredited labs for verification of our in-house results as well as allergen, pathogenic bacteria, GMO, multiple residue analysis, and heavy metals testing.

If you would like to learn more, you may download our white paper entitled Pizzey Ingredient’s Food Quality and Safety Expertise by clicking on the link below, or you may ask a flax expert for more information.

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