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Our family knows flax

Flax has been a Pizzey family tradition for decades. Before we founded Pizzey Ingredients, Linda was selling hundreds of loaves of flax bread per week at local farmers’ markets, and Glenn obsessed over the nutritional benefits of the product.

Today, we have more resources than ever to create and nurture this super food—and our passion for its health and nutrition is still as strong as ever.

“The Pizzey family have been a valued supplier and partner to K2B Ltd for many years and the expertise from the team has been invaluable in helping to develop sales in the U.K. and Europe.”

– Neil Terry, K2B Ltd

Our lab

At Pizzey Ingredients, our lab and testing capabilities are at the core of our business. For around 30 years, the Pizzey family has spent countless hours studying flaxseed’s nutrient content, oil stability, shelf life, and food safety and quality.

As a result, Pizzey Ingredients consistently raises the bar in a variety of areas, including processing, shelf life analysis, and incoming seed selection. The standards developed by our team are what many in the industry use today.

Pizzey Ingredients supports clinical research and has provided flaxseed for use in many clinical studies and trials which have resulted in published research in the area of human nutrition.

Over the years we have collected thousands of flaxseed samples from our farm and other farms in the region. At our lab, we test for important safety attributes like lipid stability, aerobic plate count and the absence of allergens. We use accredited third-party labs for verification of our results as well as pathogen testing.

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