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    Add Omega-3 and fiber to your products for greater shelf appeal

    Customers are spending more time reading labels and purchasing products that are nutritious. Stay ahead of consumer demand by implementing your own flax solution today. Clean up your label.

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    The difference is flaxseed knowledge and expertise

    No one knows flaxseed better than the flax pioneers Glenn and Linda Pizzey. Owned by two generations of the Pizzey family, Pizzey Ingredients grows its flaxseed on gluten-free land and processes it through a gluten-free facility, preserving its natural stability and functionality through a proprietary pasteurization system.

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    Unparalleled purity and Uncompromised stability

    All of Pizzey Ingredient’s gluten-free PūrFlax™ products provide an excellent value and superior nutritional benefit due to Pizzey Ingredients’s unique processing technique. Choose from our BakePūr™, BevPūr™, RediPūr™, or BlendPūr™ flaxseed products and clean up your label.

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    The goodness and nutrition of pure flaxseed

    While a portion of consumers may not be interested in healthy eating, the ones who are spend more on products and expect a return on their expenditures. Flaxseed offers competitive advantages over other ingredients. Give demanding consumers a reason to purchase your product.

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    Adding BlendPūr™ flax to a commercial cake mix yields extraordinary results

    Increase your baking volume just simply adding BlendPūr™ flax to your baking mix. It adds nutritional benefits while saving you money!

BakePur gluten free flax

BevPur omega-3 flax for beverages

RediPur coarse ground flaxseed

BlendPur flax for baking

New Name - Same Great Flax Products
and Experts

For years the Pizzey family name has been synonymous with flaxseed. Linda and Glenn Pizzey have been called the flax pioneers, and for good reason. The Pizzeys have been growing and processing flaxseed for generations. Now, Linda and Glenn introduce Pizzey Ingredients PūrFlaxTM. PūrFlaxTM is grown by J.G. Pizzey, Inc., their second generation family farm, and other area farms. While the name Pizzey Ingredients is new, you can expect the same quality flaxseed products and expertise that sets the Pizzeys apart from all others.

Pizzey Ingredient's PūrFlax™ products set the industry standard for flaxseed.

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> Lab tests reveal astounding BlendPūr™ results

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