RediPur flaxseed bars

Use RediPūr™ in these types of applications

• RediPūr™ is great in nutrition bars and oatmeal

• Use RediPūr™ in any product that uses coarse ground flaxseed and does not undergo a further heat processing


RediPur milled flaxseed

Excellent nutrition for all bakery, cereal, and ready-to-eat applications

RediPūr™ Flax is the newest addition to the PūrFlax™ line of ingredients. RediPūr™ is a ready-to-eat flaxseed product, ideal for any product that uses coarse ground flaxseed and does not undergo a further heat processing. Whether you are making unbaked nutrition bars, oatmeal, or selling retail packages of milled flaxseed, RediPūr™ offers all of the nutritional benefits of flaxseed, along with peace of mind.

RediPūr™ undergoes enhanced heat treatment to ensure tighter microbial control while protecting flaxseed's natural stability, nutrition and function. This enhanced heat treatment also gives RediPūr™ a roasted, nutty flavor.

As with all of Pizzey's PūrFlax™ products, RediPūr™ is an excellent source of ALA Omega-3, and also contains fiber, protein and lignans. ALA Omega-3 supports heart health and helps maintain a healthy blood pressure. ALA Omega-3 also helps athletes maintain strength and stamina during a workout, and with muscle recovery after. Lignans are a powerful antioxidant that shows promising benefits for both men's and women's health.

RediPūr™ Flax is available in both golden and brown varieties and has a 2 year shelf life under ambient storage conditions. Choose organic or conventional RediPūr™ - both are non-GMO, pesticide-free and gluten-free.

For more information on RediPūr™, contact the flaxseed experts at Pizzey Ingredients.

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