BlendPur flax waffles

BlendPūr™ is great in these types of applications

• Replace expensive guar gum with BlendPūr™

• Replace up to half of the shortening in your products and clean up your label, increase dough yield up to 4%

• BlendPūr™ increases the stretchability of tortilla shells meaning less breakage

• Perfect as a gluten-free binding agent in pancakes and waffles

BlendPur flax for baking

Eliminate guar gum, reduce fat content
and improve your dough performance

Pizzey Ingredients’ BlendPūr™ Flax provides bakers with a way to lower ingredient costs while adding nutrition and cleaning up their product labels. BlendPūr™ can be used to replace 50% of shortening or oil in bread or 15% of shortening in muffins, lowering costs and increasing yield while providing a softer crumb. In bread, the increased yield when using BlendPūr™ translates to 3 extra loaves for every 100 loaves of bread produced. 

BlendPūr™ can also be used as a complete replacement for guar gum in tortillas, producing tortillas that are soft and easy to roll and stretch. BlendPūr™ is significantly less expensive than guar gum, and provides a much cleaner label.  All of these functional attributes are in addition to flaxseed’s well known nutritional benefits, which include ALA Omega 3, fiber, protein and lignans.  

BlendPūr™ flax is available in both conventional and organic varieties; both are non-GMO, pesticide free and gluten-free.

For more information on adding BlendPūr™ flax to bread and muffin formulations see Flax Functionality or contact the flaxseed experts at Pizzey Ingredients.

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