BevPur flaxseed salad dressing

BevPūr™ is great in these types of applications

• Replace expensive guar gum with BevPūr™

• Use BevPūr™ as a thickening agent in salad dressings

• Add the benefits of protein and Omega-3 to protein and meal replacement drinks

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Add nutrition and Omega-3 to your beverages and
meal replacement products with BevPūr™

BevPūr™ flax contains the most ALA Omega 3 of any whole-food source and is backed by decades of research demonstrating its health benefits.   BevPūr™ flax also contains protein, soluble and insoluble fiber and lignans, a plant-based phyto-estrogen which shows promising benefits for both men’s and women’s health.

BevPūr™ flax is the most cost-effective Omega 3 source – in fact, pound for pound, BevPūr™ costs less than half as much as ground chia! Algae, krill oil and fish oil are even more expensive, and they don't contain ALA Omega 3, the only Omega 3 recognized as essential by the Institute of Medicine. So why would you use any other Omega 3 source?

In addition to its nutritional and cost-saving benefits, BevPūr™ flax also has excellent functional properties.  Replacing guar gum with BevPūr™ flax can lower your ingredient costs while reducing the worry of accessibility to ingredients.  BevPūr™ flax can also be used as a partial replacement for CMC in smoothies, or to replace eggs in baked goods.

BevPūr™ flax is available in both golden and brown varieties and has a 2 year shelf life under ambient storage conditions.  Choose organic or conventional BevPūr™ - both are non-GMO, pesticide-free and gluten-free.

Not sure how to implement BevPūr™ flax into your products? Contact the flax seed experts at Pizzey Ingredients.

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