Flaxseed Functionality

Flaxseed has functional abilities when used in food applications due to its water binding capabilities.  The fiber in Pizzey’s BlendPῡr™ flaxseed allow it to hold 8 x its weight in water.  This capability makes it useful as a fat replacement in baked goods and gum replacement in application such as tortillas and smoothie-type beverages.

BlendPῡr™ Flaxseed in Tortillas

In one study conducted, Pizzey’s BlendPῡr™ flaxseed was evaluated for its ability to replace guar gum in tortillas.

Hydrocolloids such as guar gum are widely used in food products including tortillas to modify textural characteristics, improve moisture retention and maintain overall good product quality during storage. However, guar gum is subject to significant price fluctuations and may not fit within a consumer’s perception of a “clean label”.

The efficacy of a 0.7% addition of BlendPῡr™ to a tortilla formula as a complete replacement for hydrocolloids was evaluated.

The three baking treatments below were evaluated:

Control Standardized (no hydrocolloid incorporated)
Treatment 1 Hydrocolloid incorporated at 0.5%
Treatment 2 Hydrocolloid replaced with BlendPῡr™
Treatment 3 Hydrocolloid replaced with BlendPῡr™ incorporated at 0.7%

Dough handling properties and overall end product quality were evaluated. Instrumental evaluation was conducted as well as tortilla moisture and texture over a 14 day period to assess the shelf life quality of the tortillas. Tortillas were held in storage, at ambient conditions, to assess the effect of BlendPῡr™.

• Doughs containing BlendPῡr™ demonstrated very good dough handling properties similar to the control containing hydrocolloids producing soft and elastic, pliable dough.
• Overall appearance of tortillas with BlendPῡr™ was very appealing and scored equivalent to the treatment 1 (tortillas with guar gum).
• Tortillas produced with BlendPῡr™ showed comparable or better extensibility than the tortillas produced with guar gum over the period evaluated.
• Only slight differences were detected in moisture contents amongst the tortillas with or without BlendPῡr™.  moisture retention did not appear to be increased at these levels of addition. 

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BlendPῡr™ Flaxseed in Bread

Development work with BlendPῡr™ flaxseed has shown that in white pan bread, up to 50% of the formula shortening or oil can be replaced with flaxseed for a lower cost, reduced fat content and a very acceptable bread product.

The following treatments were evaluated:
1) Control (3% oil level)
2) Low Fat (1.5% oil level)
3) Low Fat with addition of BlendPῡr™ (1.5% oil level)

All breads were made with both a no time dough (15 min hold) and a fermented dough (2hr hold) prior to forming and proofing to determine potential BlendPῡr™effects with dough hold time.

To minimize potential processing issues with soft vs. firm doughs, all doughs were adjusted to a similar BU using farinograph testing.  The low fat BlendPῡr™ dough required a 1% increase in hydration to match the control dough BU.

Doughs were baked and tested for peak firmness at 1, 3 and 5 days ambient storage. 

• 1.5% oil loaves with BlendPῡr™ were equally soft to control 3% oil loaves while 1.5% oil loaves without BlendPῡr™ were more firm vs. 3% oil control loaves.  Hydrated BlendPῡr™is an effective replacement for oil in the white pan bread system.
• An equivalent softening effect of BlendPῡr™ was present in both no time bread (15 minute dough ferment) and in bread with a 2 hour fermented dough.
• The softening effect of BlendPῡr™ was present over a five-day ambient hold time.

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BlendPῡr™ Flaxseed in Muffins

Initial work in a white pan bread system showed that up to 50% of the formula shortening could be replaced by a combination of BlendPῡr™ and water.  The goal of this work is to determine if that replacement would work in a muffin system.

Muffins (1 dozen) were made with the following variables:
1. Control
2. Decreased Oil 15%
3. Decreased Oil + Pizzey BlendPῡr™ + 8% water (fwb)

An AIB formula was used as the basis for this work.

The Pizzey BlendPῡr™   batter was adjusted with water so that a Bostwick viscosity measurement of the batter matched the Control batter viscosity

Muffins were baked and tested for volume, firmness and springiness at 3 hours, 1 day and 3 days.  A sensory evaluation of the muffins was done on Day 1.

• 8% (on a flour weight basis) additional water was required to hydrate the Pizzey BlendPῡr™ so that the Bostwick viscosity matched Control batter viscosity.
• The reduced oil muffins with BlendPῡr™ were equally soft or softer than Control over a 3 day shelf life while the reduced oil muffins alone were significantly firmer.
• The BlendPῡr™ also appeared to have a slightly positive effect on springiness over time.
• Reduced oil muffins had a higher volume than Control and this volume increase was maintained when the BlendPῡr™ was added to the reduced oil formula.
• The reduced oil muffins with BlendPῡr™ were very similar to control in most sensory attributes on Day 1.  The main differences were a larger/more open grain and a slight grayish tint to the crumb of the BlendPῡr™ muffins.
• From this data it appears that the hydrated Pizzey BlendPῡr™ is an effective replacement for oil in a muffin system.

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