Flaxseed Expertise

At Pizzey Ingredients we believe that our lab and testing capabilities are at the core of our business.  Over our 20+ years of experience, we have spent countless hours studying flaxseed’s nutrient content, oil stability, shelf life, and food safety and quality.

As a result, Pizzey Ingredients has set many standards as it relates to processing, shelf life analysis, and incoming seed selection. These standards are what many in the industry use today. Pizzey Ingredients has supported and provided flaxseed for use in many clinical studies and trials which have resulted in published research in the area of human nutrition. Click this link for Flaxseed Research Articles and Nutrition.

Our Lab

Over the years we have collected thousands of flaxseed samples on incoming material from our farm and other farms in the region in addition to outgoing finished product.

Lab Image

We currently test for the following quality and safety attributes:

Lipid Stability – utilizing the SafTest method
This test monitors lipid stability by testing primary and secondary measurements of oxidation including peroxides, free fatty acids, alkenals, and malonaldehydes. This testing, when conducted on incoming material, provides a prediction of shelf life, the ability to provide product consistency, the ability to evaluate our product quickly in different formulation environments, and the overall ability to aid in optimization of product quality. 

Aerobic Plate Count

Food Safety & Quality utilizing 3M Petrifilm
All incoming and outgoing material is tested for aerobic plate count (APC) and coliforms. Material is also tested for Enterobacteriaceae, Listeria, E. Coli, and Yeast & Mold.

Verification Testing
We partner with numerous 3rd party accredited labs for verification testing.

PūrFlax™ Targeted heat treatment process
Raw, untreated flaxseed can range in aerobic plate count from 10 million (or higher) to 100,000 cfu/g depending on growing conditions including moisture, temperature, and neighboring agricultural activity.  Flaxseed is not considered inherently risky from a pathogenic bacteria perspective; however, contamination can occur due to the previously mentioned growing conditions or as a result of cross contamination in the handling process. Since growing conditions are largely uncontrollable and flaxseed is a natural product, Pizzey Ingredients has mitigated this risk by adding an additional processing step to ensure product quality and safety. Pizzey Ingredients' targeted heat treatment process ensures standardized low plate count product with consistent quality in addition to eliminating the potential for pathogenic bacteria. All flaxseed entering and leaving our facility is tested to ensure safety and consistent quality. The result is a product that is consistent from a micro standpoint as well as safe in any food application including ready to eat products.

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