No other country in the world produces more flax than Canada. And within Canada, there is no better region for flax growth than the great plains of Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

The mixture of climate, soil and moisture make for perfect growing conditions.  Pizzey Ingredients produces top quality flaxseed products, grown on gluten-free land in Manitoba Canada.

Over a century in the making.
The difference is knowledge and experience.

Flaxseed milling and farming

The Pizzey family has lived in western Manitoba, Canada for more than a century, making its living growing and processing crops, including flaxseed, over several generations.

No one knows flaxseed better than the flax pioneers, Glenn and Linda Pizzey. Pizzey Ingredients grows its flaxseed on gluten-free land and processes it through a gluten-free facility, preserving its natural stability and functionality through a proprietary pasteurization system, and ensuring traceability of each lot.

An on-site fully equipped laboratory, staffed with scientists with over 20 years of experience, carefully examines each lot, to ensure adherence to strict microbial, purity, and stability standards.

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